Monday, July 06, 2015
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SHOP TRASHCO® - Janitorial Supplies on Sale! For a germ free, healthy home and workplace 

TRASHCO® is a leading janitorial supply company offering a large range of office and cleaning products, janitorial equipment and janitorial supplies. TRASHCO® is one of America's leading suppliers of cleaning, facility & first aid, break room and office/business supply products. Fast and friendly professional service is our business!

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Who wants to get sick from their garbage can or dumpster?

Let TRASHCO® handle this unpleasant task FOR YOU! Once a month, a friendly technician will professionally pressure wash, sanitize, and deodorize your garbage cans, recycling bin, dumpsters, and compactors at your curb or place of business on the same day your trash is collected.

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TRASHCO’s® biodegradable treatment kills 99% of germs in your receptacles.

Did you know that the H1N1 virus can live 20-22 hours on hard surfaces and be contagious to others for up to 8 hours? Other hard surfaces such as the handles and lids of your garbage cans are key sources of infection. Disinfectants may kill germs but they are extremely toxic to humans and hazardous to the environment. SpectraSan24, a key component in TRASHCO’s® eco-friendly solution, has the lowest EPA toxicity rating for disinfectants and kills common flu viruses and superbugs such as Influenza A and MRSA within minutes.

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Your trash area doesn’t have to stink!

TRASHCO® offers a cost-effective, environmentally-sound, add-on solution for minimizing germs and preventing odors in refuse collection. Our slogan: “No Odors, No Germs, No Worries” reflects our commitment to you and the environment. It is our pleasure to leave you with a pleasant and lasting impression in the form a fresh, clean scent that often lasts until our next scheduled visit.

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We share your interest in preserving our shared natural environment.

TRASHCO® technicians clean garbage cans on specially designed trucks and utilize containment berms to control the wastewater overflow during dumpster cleaning. Once a dumpster is pressure washed all the wastewater is reclaimed, stored in a designated tank aboard the TRASCHO® trucks, and transported for proper disposal based on EPA standards.

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Go Green

Mar10 Demo Image SURE, recycled water, also known as gray water, sounds like something worth reusing, WRONG!
Companies who clean trash containers with gray water are filtering and reusing the same water for every trash container they clean.

Think Green

Think Green Support Green Purchasing by using
companies whose products and services have a reduced effect on human health and the environment.

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TRASHCO® supplies a large range of office and cleaning products, janitorial equipment and janitorial supplies

We offer over 100,000 brand-leading products shipped right to your door. Our customers include both small and large businesses, government agencies, military and educational institutions, maintenance & janitorial contractors, do-it-yourself home owners, and anyone that likes to shop smart and save big. Visit Our Store>


Stop Breeding Grounds For Bacteria & Pests

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Trash containers, garbage cans, dumpsters, compactors and trucks are breeding grounds

for bacteria, mosquitoes, flies and other hazards that pose a health risk for trash collection workers, residents, and pets.  And while you can clean your own trash containers, bacteria and fungi runoff can easily contaminate hard surfaces and garbage cans storage areas.


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TRASHCO® pressure washes, sanitizes, and deodorizes commercial dumpsters, residential garbage cans, recycle bins, trash rooms, enclosure areas, trash chutes, and garbage trucks. CALL NOW (754) 200-1925

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Sustainable Practices

TRASHCO's® services are a natural complement to LEED Certified Buildings. Contact us today for a free evaluation and service demo.  TRASHCO's® is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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