Welcome to TRASHCO®

TRASHCO is an eco-conscious South Florida company with offices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Our mission is to educate residents, businesses, and cities about the environmental and health benefits of keeping trash receptacles clean. Hosing down garbage receptacles with water and/or bleach sends sludge, germs, and toxins into storm drains and can eventually pollute our water supply, canals, lakes, and beaches. And even if you’re not cleaning your garbage cans, over time, runoff from heavy Florida rains will have a similar effect.

TRASHCO needs your help to stop this practice. Here are some ways that you can help. Join our GO Green Program for resources on small ways that you can help to preserve the planet. Find out what actions community leaders, city officials, home owner/condo associations, and businesses in your neighborhood are taking to reduce water pollution. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, then do your small part by requesting and using services and products with a reduced impact on the environment.